Music For Children
Grand Staff & His Musical Friends
Hardcover Storybook, Musical CD, Coloring/Activities Book & Stickers Set
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     Grand Staff and His Musical Friends are the elements of music who have come to life to teach children everything about music.  They teach them how to read & write music.  And they teach them about music theory, musical instruments, music appreciation, sight-reading, ear training, musical pitches, melodies, harmonies, scales, chords, rhythms and beats.  Studies have shown that music improves brain development in children.  And this is truly the greatest and most unique product available for introducing children to all aspects of music.  If you have a child, know someone with a child, or simply love children purchase a copy of this product and help spread the values of musical training for precious young minds!
The Creative Team
Supportive Research Findings

The following previews were provided by The National Association for Music Education:

        In the Kindergarten classes of the school district of Kettle Moraine, Wisconsin, children who were given music instruction scored 48% higher on spatial-temporal skill tests than those who did not receive music training. - Rauscher, F.H., and Zupan, M.A. (1999). Classroom keyboard instruction improves kindergarten children's spatial-temporal performance: A field study. Manuscript in press, Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

        Students in two Rhode Island elementary schools who were given an enriched, sequential, skill-building music program showed marked improvement in reading and math skills.  Students in the enriched program who had started out behind the control group caught up to statistical equality in reading, and pulled ahead in math. - Gardiner, Fox, Jeffrey and Knowles, as reported in Nature, May 23, 1996.

        A research team exploring the link between music and intelligence reported that music training is far superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children's abstract reasoning skills, the skills necessary for learning math and science. - Shaw, Rauscher, Levine, Wright, Dennis and Newcomb, Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children's spatial-temporal reasoning. Neurological Research, Vol. 19, February 1997.

        A University of California (Irvine) study showed that after eight months of keyboard lessons, preschoolers showed a 46% boost in their spatial reasoning IQ. - Rausher, Shaw, Levine, Ky and Wright, Music and Spatial Task Performance: A Causal Relationship. University of California, Irvine, 1994.

        Students who participated in arts programs in selected elementary and middle schools in New York City showed significant increases in self-esteem and thinking skills. - National Arts Education Research Center, New York University, 1990.

        Researchers at the University of Montreal used various brain imaging techniques to investigate brain activity during musical tasks and found that sight-reading musical scores and playing music both activate regions in all four of the cortex's lobes; and that parts of the cerebellum are also activated during those tasks. - Sergent, J., Zuck, E., Tenial, S., and MacDonall, B. (1992). Distributed neural network underlying musical sight-reading and keyboard performance. Science, 257, 106 - 109.
     "I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but more importantly music, for in the patterns of music and all the arts are the keys to learning!" - Plato
     "Let us describe the education of our (children). . . What then is the education to be? Perhaps we could hardly find a better than that which the experience of the past has already discovered, which consists, I believe, in gymnastic for the body, and music for the mind." - Plato
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(Left To Right)
Jim Becker (Investor), Dana Craft (Illustrator), Olessia Olivenka (Piano Teacher),
Mike Singer (Creator/Author), Robert Dante (Music/Studio Engineer)
     "Music is higher revelation than all...wisdom and philosophy." - Ludwig van Beethoven
Grand Staff And His Musical Friends
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Grand Staff And His Musical Friends